Adeel Imran

I am a full stack developer and designer focusing on making a great UI/UX. I have a passion for working with startups & growing companies by assisting them in creating outstanding product. In the past few years, I have had the experience of working with numerous clients from all over the world.

I enjoy taking complicated problems & turning them into simple, elegant solutions. I love writing beautiful code that is written structurally & indented properly.

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Founder, Binary Code Barn UG

Dec 22 - Now | Present


A high end consultancy firm, designed to give senior expert consultancy in web

Give trainings to big corporations in standard web applications built on React & NextJS

Building our own in house products

Skills: development & leadership

Senior Frontend Developer, Glassnode

Mar 19 - Oct 22 | 12 months


Integrated WalletConnect in Glassnode application to establish cross-platform functionality.

Implemented uniform theme styling, established internal developer style guide contributing to company's design system.

Developed a high-performance crypto/NFT transactions table widely used for users' tax record sorting and organization.

Established a core 'defi portfolio tracker' app within the system.

Delivered high quality, well-tested production code via jest/react-testing-library/cypress framework with Typescript, increasing application code coverage by 80%, and reducing CI/CD pipeline time frame.

Incorporated eslint/prettier into development for code consistency.

Skills: Cypress, PostgreSQL, ReactJS, NextJS, Mock service worker, react testing library, zustand, MUI, Airbnb design style guide

Senior Frontend Developer, Relayr

Mar 19 - Oct 22 | 44 months


Leveraged ReactJS for front-end development, utilizing Javascript/NodeJS, Webpack, Rollup, Material-UI, Semantic-UI, react-testing-library, and cypress.

Implemented airbnb style guide to standardize code.

Collaborated with design team to create a consistent UI/UX through Material-UI/Storybook.

Established a custom boilerplate solution for fast application setup including testing, formatting, linting, and CI/CD configuration.

Developed unit and visual tests using enzyme, react-testing-library, and Cypress.

Introduced semantic-versioning to automate releases & change-logs using semantic-release and conventional commits.

Reconfigured legacy gulp/grunt configurations to webpack/rollup for specific bundling, enhancing maintainability.

Skills: Cypress, NodeJS, ReactJS

Full Stack Software Engineer, VentureDive

Jun 17 - Feb 19 | 20 months


Leveraged Javascript/nodejs, React/redux for application development & implemented UI using Ant Design, Bootstrap 4, React Material UI, with CSSINJS

Utilized HTML 5, CSS 3, SCSS, flex layouts for responsive designs & bundled with Webpack 4

Configured, managed, and deployed servers on AWS using PM2

Managed projects through Jira and controlled versions using Git and Arcanist.

Skills: Ant Design, Bootstrap, Material UI, ReactJS, AWS

Full Stack Software Engineer, Servup

Feb 17 - Jun 18 | 16 months


Javascript/Nodejs, ECMAScript 2015 ES6, ES7 (ES2016+)

React, React Native, Redux

No SQL database Mongo, Mongoose (ORM)

SocketIO, Express

Static Chat Bots

Stripe, 2Checkout, JazzCash Payment Integration Client Side

Styled Components (CSS in JS) Component based UI

Bootstrap 3/4, React Material UI, React Ant Design, HTML 5, CSS 3, SCSS, Flex Layouts

Storybook UI Component (React)

Bundling: Webpack

Version Control: Git, Bitbucket

Amazon Simple Storage (S3), Cloudinary

SSL (HTTPS) Configuration For NodeJS, Configure, manage and deploy servers on cloud services like AWS using tools like PM2

Responsive custom email templates

Project Management : Slack, Trello, JIRA

Agile/Scrum Methodologies

OS: Windows, Linux


Develop new user-facing features in ReactJS/React Native.

Develop web application server-side logic REST & Web Socket in NodeJS/ExpressJS/MongoDB.

Participate in the entire application life cycle, focusing on coding and debugging.

Build reusable code for future use.

At the same time of my engineering cycle I was also involved in training & mentoring interns and juniors developers to Javascript environment in such a way that their core programming became strong in Vanilla JS and then moved them on to learning responsive web design using Bootstrap, jQuery, React, NodeJS, Sequelize/Mongoose ORM and helped them understanding data flows, patterns. An entire curriculum was designed to facilitate this process.

Managing on-going scrum cycles and making sure the timelines assigned to my area of product are being met as well as making sure the human resource is efficiently utilized.

Help in deciding project scope and architecture.

Skills: ExpressJS, MongoDB, NodeJS, React Native, ReactJS, AWS

Full Stack Software Engineer, Onebyte LLC

Jun 16 - Nov 16 | 5 months


Utilized JavaScript/Node.js, jQuery, lodash, and ES6 for application development.

Created dynamic web interfaces with Angular and React Native.

Managed databases using MySQL and Sequelize ORM.

Implemented secure services using Express and JWT.

Transformed PSD designs into responsive HTML layouts with Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS.

Practiced version control with Git and managed projects using Slack, Basecamp, and JIRA in a Linux/Ubuntu environment.

Skills: MySQL, React Native, Javascript