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1-Jan, 2024


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Dummy projects

Disney+ Clone

Adeel Imran | Jan 15, 2024

The Disney+ 2.0 project, showcases the creation of a Disney+ clone leveraging the power of Next.js 14 and OpenAI for backend services. This advanced application features mobile responsiveness, an intuitive user interface, and incorporates AI-driven movie suggestions to enhance user experience. Utilizing technologies Tailwind CSS, and TypeScript, NextJS caching the project emphasizes scalability.

Nike Clone

Adeel Imran | Feb 18, 2024

The Nike clone project, built on Next.js and Tailwind, showcases new Nike products like Nike Air Jordan shoes with a strong emphasis on quality and attention to detail. Customers have highly recommended the products, praising their quality and exceeding expectations, making it a preferred choice for returning customers